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Windshield Replacement Charlotte

Your windshield provides maximum structural solidity to a vehicle and acts as a vital safety gear during a crash or roll-over. That’s why the importance of replacing a damaged windshield should never be disregarded.


At Glass Doctor Charlotte, we have simplified the process of windshield replacement by offering free 24x7 mobile service, affordable windshield replacement, and US-wide lifetime guarantee. We are operational in the field of auto glass replacement and repair for more than half a century. During these years we have efficiently treated numerous auto glass related problems.


Factors responsible for windshield replacement:

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A must be replaced if you have chips that are too large and have occurred along the edge or near the edge of the windshield.

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There is damage by a rock that causes a small piece of glass to break off the windshield

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Road conditions, climate, and the care that's put into the windshield

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Finally, how quickly the driver recognizes the problem of a chipped auto glass and how promptly he/she responds to it is a large factor involved.


Harmon Auto Glass Charlotte is a name synonymous with providing effective, cost-saving, and professional windshield replacement services throughout The United States. We only offer DOT certified OEM quality auto glass to our clients. Using highly advanced SmarTech™ technology, we make sure the entire replacement process will take place under the expert supervision of our skilled technicians.


How does Glass Doctor Charlotte perform windshield replacement?

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The engineers of Glass Doctor Charlotte conduct an inspection of the damage such as type, size, and severity of the crack.



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After assessing the damage, they come up with a computer aided diagnosis.

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They safely pull out the damaged windshield from the frame without harming other important parts of the vehicle.


They keep the chipped auto glass for recycling.

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They cut away remaining urethane and wipe out debris, sand particles, and moisture from the frame.

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They apply glass activator we make the new windshield prepared for installation.

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Using AGSC approved adhesives they configure the new OEM quality windshield and press it firmly onto the frame.

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Excess adhesives is wiped away, and the windshield gets polished with a prossional grade glass cleaner to ensure it provides unblemished vision.  


Over the years Glass Doctor has become one of the most trustworthy and reliable windshield replacement service providers in Charlotte. If you face any problem with the windshield of your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us.